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Who are we?

Malcat is brought to you by Malcat EI, a one-man business located near Lyon, France. We have 10+ years of experience in the infosec field (mainly malware analysis and computer forensics) and a solid background in software development.

Why Malcat?

Reverse engineers have a lot of options nowadays when it comes to analysing known software: IDA, Binary Ninja, Ghidra and many more. So one may ask: was another binary analysis software really needed?

IDA-like tools are basically made to answer one big question: how does a given binary software work? And they are really good at it, provided you plan to spend several hours digging in the same binary.

Malware analysts, incident responders and SOC analysts on the other hand have to analyse and triage large amounts of unknown binaries in a short time span. When opening a file, they do not care as much for the how as for the what. They want to know what is the file they are looking at and what it contains. And because malware are tricky, they have to answer this question for a lot of different file types (installers, archives, office documents, programs, ...) and architectures (NSIS, AutoIT, .NET, python, x86/64, ...). And this is a different problematic, different enough to justify the need for another class of tool.

Until now, malware analysts had to rely on either outdated tools (like the excellent Hiew) or on a lot of different utilities, each addressing a small subset of the problem. Malcat tries to combine all the features of these utilities in a single, powerful user interface. So yes, Malcat also embeds a disassembler and a decompiler like IDA, but the similarity ends there: they are two different types of tool which play in different categories.

Contact us

We always appreciate feedback, positive or negative (as long as it is constructive), so don't hesitate to contact us! There are currently several ways to reach us:


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